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 Oread Nation - Kalsarak

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Kalsarak - Kingdom of the Oread
Oread Nation - Kalsarak 3GkkavS

Kalsarak is an ancient nation, the oldest continuing nation-state in the world, dating back even before the arrival of the Iron Giants or the formation of the Empire of Kamath. Kalsarak has never been conquered by another nation, even through wars with Titans and their Giant armies, Dragons, the invasion of the Iron Giants, Argoden's Dragonborn Empire, and even other Genie nations.

Kalsarak is centered in the northwestern section of the Great Desert of Kamath, a mountainous area of towering peaks and twisting valleys. Water collects in certain valleys, where is it zealously guarded by Oread fortresses, and traditional agriculture is very difficult. The area is noted to be replete with precious stones and rare crystal, which forms the core of Kalsarak's wealth.

As no enemy has succeeded in holding the heart of Kalsarak and plundering its cities, the Oread Kingdom has become famous for its ancient libraries and vaults, holding treasures and manuscripts thought to be forgotten or extinct by the world at large.

Because Oreads have the weakest talent for sorcery among the Genasi, they do not hold Arcane magic in the same regard that the Sylph and Ifrit do. Rather, the Oreads are the most religious of the Genasi, following the ancient religion of the World Flame. This has led to a strong belief in the ideals of self-mastery, and Kalsarak is dotted with monasteries and temples where students are trained to master the body and commune with the World Flame.

Kalsarak has long been a gateway to the west, and the wonders of ancient Risan, Hisuno, and Damaris. Travel by land into western Daulan traditionally has to go through Kalsarak, and they have profited immensely from this. The new passage through Argoden's Road has reduced the traffic of caravans through Kalsarak, but the many wonders of Kalsarak, and the more established and stable trade routes, still draw in many travelers.

Aside being a trade nexus between western Daulan and Kamath, Kalsarak also profits from its many lucrative mines, trading precious stones and very rare crystals often used in the creation of magical items. Their stone artisans are renowned for the beautiful jewelry they craft, and many come to Kalsarak to study its ancient libraries or train in one of the many monasteries throughout the nation.

The Oread are a slow moving, but incredibly durable people, and this colors their manner of war. Preferring to endure an enemies assault and continue their advance. Clerics and Monks are common among the Oread, but the bulk of an Oread army is heavily armed and even more heavily armored, with their spellcasters meant more to counter the actions of the enemy than to take initiative themselves. Oread armies move with giant weapons shields that make it seem like the mountains themselves are going to war.

While their defense has proven to be nearly impenetrable, and they are fearsome warriors in direct combat, the fact that Oreads are slow to move and to adapt their tactics and strategies makes them very predictable and easy to out maneuver on the offense. Their greatest asset in such scenarios is the difficulty of pushing an Oread army away from what territory they do take, so most often when it seems an Oread army is poised to take an important city, their enemies will enter negotiations rather than level the area to force the Oread out.

Relations With Other Nations
Kalsarak is a stable nation rare to start wars with non-Genasi nations, though the complex and shifting nature of Genie politics draws them to war with their fellow Gensai quite often.

Kin'Adi and Kalsarak are often at war, trading territories between each other with little of it making sense to outsiders. Rarely does it impact trade, as the two nations rely on each other to keep the caravans moving.

The distance between Kalsarak and Uhaunas keeps them from open warfare, and their relations are typically quite cordial, though spats between their embassies in Miranous aren't unheard of.

The Oreads of Kalsarak do not have the same hatred of the Aidan Sylphs as the Ifrit do, but the two races still find themselves at odds quite often, as the Sylphs desire the Oreads to take a stronger stand against Ifrit aggression and the Oreads find the continued actions of the Sylph assassins far too disruptive.

While it hasn't escalated to open warfare yet, the Oreads largely agree with the Ifrit that the Kamathi desert is meant to be the home of the Genasi, and take offense at the idea of a foreign people like the Dragonborn of Darokin taking such a large, and now wealthy, portion of Kamath. Relations between the two nations are cold, with Kalsarak supporting Kin'Adi's attempts to conquer the Dragonborn nation.
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Oread Nation - Kalsarak
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