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 Ifrit Nation - Kin'Adi

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Kin'Adi - Kingdom of the Ifrit
Ifrit Nation - Kin'Adi 2AdV3DB

Kin'Adi is a nation ruled by powerful Efreeti Sultans. Militaristic and expansive, the Ifrit of Kin'Adi have great ambitions, and truly believe they can re-create the ancient and wondrous Empire of Kamath, once they have brought the other Heirs of Kamath to heel.

The heart of Kin'Adi is formed along the northeastern coast of the Kamathi desert, among the three rivers that cut through the arid sand and rock. In these fertile valleys and flood plains, the Efreeti have used their powerful Wish magic to create dozens of wondrous cities, and are famed for their many magical universities and incredibly powerful Sorcerers. Their Sorcerous Academies have a long standing rivalry with the Sylph and Djinni Wizard Colleges of Aidan, a rivalry often escalated to magical duels when students of these traditions meet.

Kin'Adi is ruled under a caste system:

Noble Efreet, the Efreeti Sultans, rule the nation unquestioned and unopposed.

Normal Efreet form the second caste, controlling the nation's magical academies and using their wishes to sustain the enchantments of Kin'Adi's cities.

The Ifrit make up the majority of the population, composing most of the military and the students of the magical academies, and are well-respected by the Efreeti.

Janni, Suli, and Humans largely fill out the rest of the population. Though normally not heavily oppressed, they are rarely allowed positions of authority and typically considered inferior to the Ifrit and Efreeti, though Janni are treated better than Suli and Humans.

The bottom cast are the many slaves of Kin'Adi, ranging from nearly every race of mortal to lesser elementals and even a few powerful Outsiders such as Demons. Slaves have no rights and are entirely property of their masters, and are often used for entertainment ranging from sex to bloodsport, to being conscripted into Kin'Adi's armies.

The Ifrit have the greatest potential for sorcery among the Genasi, and every Efreet is capable of granting wishes, so arcane magic is more prevalent in Kin'Adi than any other nation in the world, and the ease of accessing this magic shapes the national character. The people of Kin'Adi will turn to magic first, and more physical means second. They have little interest in religions, with the exception of Zulaztar, the God of Magic, whom they respect as the one that controls their source of power. Other Gods have little hold in the nation, except among foreigners, though there are some cults that speak of an ancient deity called the Unbound Muse that is supposedly the source of all magic, and offer worship to this ancient being in hopes of being granted greater power.

The economy of Kin'Adi is largely based on its position in the middle of trade routes linking the nations of Larun to the nations of west Daulan. In addition to these caravans, however, Kin'Adi also trades extensively in magical items and training, along with many exotic crafts created by their master artisans.

The Ifrit of Kin'Adi wage war in a manner reflecting their affinity to fire: powerful and overwhelming, but ultimately either fleeting or uncontrollable.

Magic pervades all elements of Kin'Adi's society and their military is no exception. The Efreeti make extensive use of enslaved lesser elementals and powerful, destructive sorcery to decimate enemy armies before moving their rank-and-file soldiers in. Though the natural tendency of Ifrit is a proud independence, the Efreeti enforce strict discipline to keep their armies under control and ready to follow orders.

Where the short-comings of the Kin'Adi military stand out is in maintaining their advance. Kin'Adi's military is trained to overwhelm with powerful Evocation magic and take advantage of the ensuing chaos, using enslaved elementals to absorb the initial attacks of an enemy, then overwhelming their weakened and battered opponents. When confronted with an enemy that doesn't break under this assault, however, the Ifrit often find that they used their most powerful resources too quickly and cannot endure a similar assault in turn.

Their use of enslaved elementals can also be turned against them, should that control be broken. The enraged elementals turning against them, disorienting their own ranks and destroying the enforced discipline of the Efreet.

All together, the armies of Kin'Adi are overwhelming in their initial offensive attacks, and have skilled and disciplined armies with natural abilities that let give them advantages against organized ranks of opponents. But they rely on a limited resource to weaken their enemy before their advance, and lack the endurance to sustain an assault.

Relations With Other Nations
Kin'Adi is often at war with its neighbors, seeking territorial gains, but the conflicts are normally decided quickly and relations re-established with haste.

Kalsarak and Uhaunas remain wary of Kin'Adi's "peace" at all times, but accept the chaotic nature of their alliances and conflicts as an inherent quality of their race and rarely hold lasting grudges.

The Sylphs and Djinn of Aidan remain in a state of perpetual war with Kin'Adi, and neither side has interest in peace.

The Dragonborn of Darokin do not trust the Ifrit at all, and the many border wars they've had with Kin'Adi has led them to maintain strong garrison in their border cities at all times, aware that the Efreeti Sultans greatly desire the newfound wealth of Argoden's Road.

Nations such as Valeron and Kythis are rarely involved in Kin'Adi's many wars and so retain a neutral stance to the nation, maintaining lucrative trade. Issues of merchants or visitors being punished with slavery by Ifrit courts cause occasional diplomatic issues, but are typically resolved by the home nation buying the citizen's freedom.
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Ifrit Nation - Kin'Adi
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