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 Undine Nation - Uhaunas

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Uhaunas - Kingdom of the Undine
Undine Nation - Uhaunas RDPMy4H

The root of Undine society was formed from their role tending to the Oases of the Kamathi desert. Being the caretakers and guardians of the most precious resource in the great desert created strong traditions of respect and reverence for the natural world, as well as a welcoming hospitality to travelers.

Uhaunas lies on the eastern coast of the Kamathi desert, an area now referred to as "The Great Garden of Kamath". The Undine traditions of druidism and cultural affinity for gardens have led them to craft a once unforgiving desert into a blooming paradise. While they have many powerful Druids, this garden was created more through careful planning and maintenance, as the Undine desire harmony and do not create more than the land could sustain.

Aside their tending of their many gardens however, the Undine are also a major link between the surface races and the races below the waves. Many come to Uhaunas to trade for crafts and resources rare in their home. While not all Undine are truly amphibious, there are many underwater Undine communities along the shore that often manifest the trait.

The Undine are the most welcoming of the Genasi nations, enjoying the arrival of visitors to their homes and holding the ideal of Sacred Hospitality as truly that, shunning Undine that are unkind to their visitors and viciously punishing strangers that attempt to abuse or despoil their garden homes. Piracy especially is considered heinous in Uhaunas, as it discourages visitors to their ports, and pirates caught in Uhauanan waters are subject to gruesome executions for their offense to the Undine hospitality.

The God of Travelers in the most widely worshiped in Uhaunas, along with the Druidic tradition of living in harmony with nature.

Sorcerers are common and though they do not have as many magical schools as the Ifrit or Sylph, there are many unique schools teaching uniquely Undine methods of magical manipulation, seeing the flow of magic akin to water, and learning to use it as such. This extends to monasteries where Undine martial traditions are taught, about moving in harmony with your opponent and how to use the strength of an enemy against them.

Additionally, Uhaunas is somewhat unique in having true schools to teach the ways of the Druids. The Undine see knowledge as something to share, and desire to see other societies live more peacefully with their environment.

Uhaunas occupies a major waterway between Valeron and southern Daulan, and so its ports are often full of ships beginning a journey to the newly opened waterways of the west. That Uhaunas keeps its water free of pirates and has low fees to use its ports encourages Valerian merchants to use this waterway over the Kythian alternatives, greatly enriching the Undine.

Aside their position on the waterway, Uhaunas is also famed for the many unique plants its gardens produce, making for many new possibilities of alchemy. The Undine limit just how much these miraculous plants can be harvested, greatly frustrating foreign alchemists, and causing a black market trade of the unique plants to have sprung up. Smugglers found harvesting the plants are punished terribly by the Druids tending the gardens, but the practice continues.

The Undine have strong traditions of sorcery, Druidic magic, and monastic warriors, leading them to avoid direct confrontation. Rather they prefer movement and misdirection, dividing their enemies through control of the environment, and attacking when their opponents are disoriented. Undine armies are extremely fluid and flexible, and adapt rapidly to changing circumstances, using their ability to fight in many different environments to their advantage.

Where the Undine are weak is when they are forced to fight an enemy without room to maneuver or alter their approach. They lack the strength to directly overwhelm an enemy, and so must force their foes to expose weakness before striking.

Perhaps oddly to those unfamiliar with them, the Undine do not have a large navy, being uncomfortable aboard most ships, designed to keep them out of the water they call home. This makes them far from helpless at sea, however, something would-be invaders have often learned. Powerful Druids that can hide beneath the waves where you cannot learn their location are not easily attacked by wooden ships with crews that will quickly drown if the ship should sink. It should go without saying, Uhaunas has never been conquered by way of the sea.

There is a small Uhaunan navy, but its purpose is to help hunt down pirates attempting to prey on Uhaunan waters and would have little purpose in a military engagement of notable size.

Relations With Other Nations
Uhaunas, like Kalsarak, is periodically at war with Kin'Adi, often over control of various oases along their disputed border.

Uhaunas shares no border with Kalsarak and so their relations are cordial, though the nature of Genie politics leads them to bicker among their embassies in Miranous.

The Undine are the only true ally the Sylph have in Kamath, and typically Sylph travelers to Miranous ride with Undine caravans.

Uhaunas is less hostile to Darokin than Kalsarak and Kin'Adi, but are still not friendly with the Dragonborn. They believe that the Dragonborn are violating the tenets of Sacred Hospitality by hoarding the wealth they have gathered from Kamath, and that the attacks from Kin'Adi are a natural reaction to such selfishness.

Uhaunas enjoys strong trade ties with Valeron and admires the Valerian commitment to protecting travelers through their Empire, and though the authoritarian nature diminishes such affections, the two civilizations have historically enjoyed very friendly relations. Especially with the Elves of Dreylen, who share the Undine appreciation for nature and affinity with water.

The Uhaunan relationship with Kythis is more volatile, as Kythian pirates are a common concern and Kythian alchemists are often funding smugglers to acquire rare Uhaunan plants for their research. Though Kythis remains a strong trade partner, the Undine regard them warily and are suspicious of Kythian warships traveling near their waters.
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Undine Nation - Uhaunas
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