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 Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost

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Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost Empty
PostSubject: Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost   Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 11:17 pm

Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost 39b69510

In the hills and mountains of the north lands men and women live under shadow of a growing evil. The lands are growing darker and colder with each passing year. Restless spirits and monsters roam the lands preying upon the flesh and souls of men and women alike. But yet in this harsh land people take up arms to defend their lands from the simple farmer to even the king. The people of Bruic are a proud and unrelenting people know for their stubbornness, and their ferocity in battle.


Notable Things About The Lands of the Wyrmforst
Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost Undead10
  • Thistlewood - A forest below the Iceshield Mountains it is rumored to be tainted and filled with the restless spirits of those killed by the Gravewurm. Those who enter these woods are never heard from again and those who go near it hear the unholy howls of undead who stalk the dense forest. At night these undead are believed to venture out to feed on the living and drag them back to the woods to become shambling horrors themselves.

  • Necromantic Componets - Due to the taint of the Gravewurm's presence some plants and other materials can be found imbued with necromantic energies that some may find valuable. These objects come in many forms from the corpses of undead to solidified forms of negative energy that litter the ground like patches of snow.

Powerful Groups and Individuals In Bruic
  • The Gravewyrm - A entity of monstrous porpotion he is believed to have eaten a god of death as a wyrm in life, and when he became a undead vessel of necromantic energy he tried to consume the world tree, but instead became tangled in its roots trapped forever to continuous gnaw at it trying to be free. It is believed that the world tree is is either within the Thistelwoods or somewhere further north beyond the Ice Shield Mountains. Despite being trapped the undead dragon is severed by a legion of undead both birthed from his own rotting flesh and from those who died in his presence. His servants scour the lands looking for a way to free him from his earthly prison.
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Bruic, Lands of the Wyrmfrost
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