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 Shasaleithe, The Mistress of 999 Lies and 1 Truth

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PostSubject: Shasaleithe, The Mistress of 999 Lies and 1 Truth   Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:43 am

Deceit, Arcane, Revenge, Secrets, Knowledge, Passion.
Aliases: The Scorned Lover, The Serpent Wife, Fanged Goddess, Lady of the Marsh, Snake Witch...
Symbols: Snakes wrapping around a tome or scroll.

It is unknown where Shasaliethe came from, but almost every religion in the world has some aspect of this goddess whether the Fanged adulterous wife of Argoden, the Mistress of Secrets to the mages of Kythis, or the Snake Witch to the people of Valeron.

(More to come)
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Shasaleithe, The Mistress of 999 Lies and 1 Truth
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