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 City of Miracles - Miranous

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City of Miracles - Miranous Empty
PostSubject: City of Miracles - Miranous   City of Miracles - Miranous EmptyTue Nov 03, 2015 8:36 pm

Miranous - Ancient Capital of Kamath
City of Miracles - Miranous 4Mm4C4e

I'm not writing this up yet, just getting the image linked.

Short Rundown:

Miranous is the city in the middle of the Kamathi desert.

Was the ancient capital of the Genie Empire, Kamath.

Is an independent city-state run by the Janni and Suli. Other Genies have embassies to represent their nation, Miranous is a neutral meeting ground for their nobles. Number of non-Janni genies limited by Zulaztar for mystical reasons.

An inter-planar center of trade. Only place Zulaztar allows non-mortals to bargain for Wishes.

Zulaztar became a deity here. Holy site for his followers.
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City of Miracles - Miranous
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