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 List of Gods

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PostSubject: List of Gods   List of Gods EmptyThu Oct 29, 2015 7:33 pm

Not an in-depth assessment of each God, just a list and some domain stuff.

Aumm, the Impostor - God of the Void, the Unexpected, and Acceptance

Aumm's 'Sphere' of lesser deities empowered by him include:
God of Madness- Only referred to as the Queen of Madness right now.
God of Travel - No name, enforces sacred hospitality and protects travelers.
God of Monsters - Da'Nagra, the twisted Jabberwock of Sorath's dreams. Killed by the Goddess of Luck, restored as a deity and Patron of Outcasts by Aumm.

Eraknul, the Eternal Seeker - God of the Moon, Balance, and Knowledge

Eraknul's 'Sphere' of lesser deities empowered by him include:
God of Secrets - Sashaleithe, was a blank scale of Eraknul ripped off and thrown at the world.
God of Fate - I'm making this up myself, nothing solid yet.
God of Civilization - Machine God created by Eraknul to keep order I figure, likes Civilization and progress of technology.

Ravnuroth, the World Flame - God of the World, Conflict, and Will

Ravnuroth's 'Sphere' of lesser deities empowered by him include:
God of Honor - Argoden, Ravnuroth's mortal form.
God of Self-Mastery - A Samsaran woman that sought enlightenment from each of the Four, and eventually found a path to true divinity in her own manner. Created a realm of her own in Ravnuroth's planes, and is a patron to any seeking to improve themselves.
God of Elements - A mantle divided into many parts, fought for by the Storm Lords.

Sorath, the Unbound Muse - God of the Sun, the Impossible, and Inspiration

God of Magic - Zulaztar, famed Genie Wizard that now manages the flow of magical energy into the world.
God of Luck - The Fey that killed the Jabberwock, blessed by Sorath with miraculous luck, he made her a deity to manage his favor in the world.
God of Art - Nothing yet really, it just fits Sorath.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Sira, the Lady in Light - God of Benevolence and Light

Sira's Sphere includes:
God of Virtue (Good) - Amaterasu, a girl from Hisuno that fought the Oni, was made a deity by Sira to continue her fight to protect the world.
God of Love - Devotion in general. Thinking it was the mortal body left by Argoden, who sacrificed himself to help Sira stop Af. Though Sira never returned Ravnuroth's feelings of love, she was moved by his sacrifice and created a new being from his act of love, to foster and guard that feeling throughout the world.

Karistal, the First Mother - God of Nature and Life

Karistal's Sphere includes:
God of Death - Karr, created by Karistal to manage and judge the dead.
God of Beasts - Just everything in the animal domain, no solid ideas here.

Af, the Wrathshard - God of Anger and Destruction

Af's Sphere includes:
God of War - Af's sword, whomever wields it becomes the new God of War until defeated.
God of Pride - Maheloas, the First King of Man, who founded Haradus and wielded Af's sword in conquest. Even after his defeat, he refused to release the mantle of Godhood.

Serak, the Corruption Seed - God of Corruption and Darkness

Serak's Sphere includes:
God of Sin (Evil) - Formerly Sira's second, was to guard Serak's prison. The influence of Serak has corrupted her and now she seeks to tempt others into damnation. Leads the Devils.
God of Undeath - The Gravewyrm, a cannibal turned into a ravenous ghoul by Serak and made to continue to devour and corrupt life.

The Faceless One - God of Change and Possibility

The Faceless One's Sphere includes:
God of Invention - Tephrus, an incomplete piece of the Faceless One's mind, driven to invent and create wondrous things, but incapable of completing them or making use of them if finished.
God of Trickery - Making stuff up, probably the Traveler from Eberron.
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List of Gods
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