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 Other Gods

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Numerous other Deities haunt the Cosmology of Vaeros. Time-lost beings that have drifted to and stayed upon the fertile sphere to heroes granted divinity through their actions.

Argoden, The Golden Creed - Born from Ravnuroth's fission. Argoden is the embodiment of Ravnuroth's more positive traits: his honor, his protectiveness, and his righteous wrath. He is the Patron Deity of the Dragonborn and Kobolds. He dictates the code of Honor most Dragonborn and Kobold live by. He is the Patron Deity of the Sworn Oath, Wealth, Protection, and Honorable combat.

Worshipers - Dragonborn, Kobolds, Mercenaries, Knights, Bankers, Trapsmiths, Bodyguards, and Kings.

-The Horned King - Part god and part King, The Horned King is the title of the current ruler of Haradus. Born out of equal parts dark pact, personal skill, and demonic heroism. The Horned King is very much a paragon of his people's ambition for power and the corruption power brings. However, in Haradus these traits are considered admirable and often the current Horned King is allowed to indulge his decadence as his status as a deity matures. Though no Horned King is allowed to rule forever. The Chaotic nature of the Demons that taint Haradus and the rules of their pact mean that a Horned King eventually abdicates his throne to ascend (descend) to the Demonic Realms. It is believed each Horned King is advised by a council of the previous Horned Kings. Their dark words of wisdom and experience sent in dreams and whispers in the dark. The Horned King is the Patron Deity of Power gained through any means, Tyranny, Wild Excess, and Demons. When a citizen of Haradus prays to him/her they are not only asking for divine guidance but remembering what they can gain through their pursuits of power.

-Worshipers- Haradusians, Demons, Tyrants, Hedonists, and those mad with power.

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Other Gods
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