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 The Four and Five

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The Four and Five Empty
PostSubject: The Four and Five   The Four and Five EmptyWed Oct 21, 2015 9:48 pm

The primary Gods of Vaeros are the Four:
Aumm, the Imposter
Eraknul, the Eternal Seeker
Sorath, the Unbound Muse
Ravnuroth, the World Flame

And the Five:
Sira, the Lady in Light
Af, the Wrathshard
Serak, the Corruption Seed
Karistal, the First Mother
The Faceless One, known only by title as its name is forgotten.

The Five were derived of the Four, sans the Imposter who made possible the mistaken creations of the Corruption Seed and Wrathshard but did not involve in their birth. The Five have largely replaced the Four, or occasionally the Three and One, as the great deities known to mortals, but there are many Gods that were brought about by the Five that are more active in the world.

So that's just the hierarchy of Godly power for the most part. The Four are the most powerful, but are distant from mortals and largely forgotten. The Five were created by the Four, but are each bound in some form so that they cannot bring their full power into the world. The many Gods below are not so restrained, but are much less powerful than the Four and Five, having power only as it pertains to their divine mandate.
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The Four and Five
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