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 Nations of Larun (The Northeast Continent)

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Nations of Larun (The Northeast Continent) Empty
PostSubject: Nations of Larun (The Northeast Continent)   Nations of Larun (The Northeast Continent) EmptyWed Oct 21, 2015 8:35 pm

Valeron- An Imperial State comprised of several individual nations following the faith of Sira, the Lady in Light.

Nations of Valeon include:
The Kingdom of Dragonsheart, an ancient Human nation that founded the Empire of Valeron under the guidance of the Silver Dragons.
The Caradoc Clanholds, an alliance of Dwarven Strongholds centered in the Sulhas Mountains.
The Dreylen Principalities, a loose confederation of Elven cities to the west of the Shining Plains.
The Riekkan March, a military border state established between the Sul River and the deserts of Haradus and Nuri. Populated largely by Half-Orcs.

Confederacy of Kythis- Formerly a grouping of colonies founded by merchants and exiles from Valeron, they recently rebelled and formed a Republic.

Not certain about specific nations within Kythis, but there is notable friction between the wealthy mainland merchants and the scattered cities of the Broken Coast, with a possible civil war in the new Republic looming.

Rhuun- An Empire of Monsters founded by a Wizard turned God who then attacked Cathedral, seeking to claim the power of Sira. Was defeated and driven away, but continues to gather allies and power in his new Empire.

Nations within Rhuun are likely groupings of different monster races.

Haradus- The first Kingdom of Man, founded with knowledge gathered in pacts with terrible fiends. Defeated by the Kingdom of Dragonsheart in the war that created Valeron, the Heirs of Haradus retreated to distant hidden islands, and have only recently emerged to begin their war with Valeron anew.

The Nuri Desert- The site of the final destructive battle between Af and Sira. A blasted wasteland, though powerful magic and artifacts of the two gods lie within. Mostly populated by Orcs and Tieflings, though a significant population of Half-Orcs control the city of Kai-Nuri, built over the site of Af's imprisonment.

The Eastern Dominions- Currently just a catch all name for nations east of Valeron and Rhuun, but south of the Elven Wilds. A notable history of necromancy, hags, and lycanthropy throughout the area. Meant to be more Eastern Europe in flavor, also going to have Dark Elves here.

The Elven Wilds- Just a large expanse of forests, rivers, and lakes. Overrun with Wild Elves and Fey. While there may be a few Elven cities, civilization isn't wide spread.

The Northern Reach- A grouping of nations that split away from Valeron during the Kythian and Rhuunic Wars. Now several nations are fighting for control of the nation:

Aleir, was the most powerful nation of the Northern Reach until their royal family was mysteriously killed. Was near collapse, until a Valerian Paladin led a chapter of crusaders north to help return order to the Reach. She now rules the nation.
Bruic, after Valeron withdrew their armies, a clan leader of Tormheim led his people in conquering this nation. Bruic is now ruled by this man, who is waging war against the other nations of the Reach, looking to build a nation strong enough to challenge the Empire of Valeron.
Kelrem, the King of Kelrem is being advised by a coven of Witches to navigate the chaotic wars and alliances of the Reach, though what he gives in return is unknown.
Undaroth, the Grendlekin believe they are descended from the first King of the Reach and in the present chaos a woman named Kalgha is gathering her royal blooded kin together to form an army that will restore their birthright.
The Blood Heirs of Darengruk, the Dwarven clans of the Reach all claim descendance from the ancient Dwarven Hero Darengruk, and fight each other and everything else in honor of the famed warrior who secured their home in the Reach with a bloodied axe.
The Lakelands, there are many petty kingdoms and fiefdoms warring for control and power in the Reach, near all of them in a misty territory called the Lakelands. The Fey have strong magics here, and visitors are well advised to beware the lights of the mists.
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Nations of Larun (The Northeast Continent)
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