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 Slathir - Desert Lizardfolk

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PostSubject: Slathir - Desert Lizardfolk   Slathir - Desert Lizardfolk EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 7:58 pm

Slathir (Viashino, Desert Lizardfolk): A race that had adapted to the harsh wastes of the Burning Sea. The Slathir are considered one of the worst threats of the desert, and so common most be accounted as a natural feature of the Burning Sea. Most Slathir remain hidden below the sands tracking caravans and travelers before seemingly attacking at random with lightning fast strikes. Gifted with the natural ability to exude bursts of heat to cause a Blur effect, as well as incredible flexibility, and the ability to burrow through loose sand or soil these lizardfolk have perfected ambush hunting and raiding in the desert. Not only are they capable survivalists they also breed in great numbers often bloating their population to massive numbers every five to ten years only to release their hatchlings (known as boonlings) in massive ways to assault settlements. First to weaken and test their defenses, and two to kill off the weaklings and cull their numbers. Even in death the boonlings serve a purpose as slathis have no qualms about eating their own, and the carcasses of dead slathir are often dragged below the sand and consumed at a later time.
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Slathir - Desert Lizardfolk
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