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 Greylings - Children of the Mist

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Greylings - Children of the Mist Empty
PostSubject: Greylings - Children of the Mist   Greylings - Children of the Mist EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 7:58 pm

Humanoid (Human).
Medium size.
Base land speed of 30ft.
Low-light vision.
Human Heritage: +2 to one ability score of their choice.
Languages: Greylings start with Common and Sylvan.
Child of the Mist: Whenever a Greyling is in a area filled with fog, smoke,or similar gaseous substances; or attacked from or through such a area he gains a +2 dodge bonus to her AC. In addition while in
concealment or total concealment, attacks against the greyling have
their miss chance increased by 5%.
Seer In the Fog: +2 racial bonus of saving throws vs illusion spells or
effects. In addition they receive Blind-Fight as a bonus feat at
character creation. Greylings were birthed from Mist of (insert name) and have a innate ability to fight skillfully in even the most dense fog.
Mist Caller: Greylings can cast the spells obscuring mist,
ventriloquism, and ghost sound 1/day as a spell-like ability. The caster
level is equal to the greyling's character level. Greylings use their Charisma score to determine the DC of these spells. A greylings link to Mist of (insert name) grant her various powers of illusion.
Greylings have a +2 to Bluff and Stealth. Greylings are cunning masters of deception and guile.

Greylings were once normal humans, but due to their exposure to the Mists of (insert name) they were transformed and gifted with fey like powers and abilities. With grey or pale white skin and hair, and pupiless white eyes Greylings have a near ghost-like appearance, and when combined with their magical abilities many people believe they are restless spirits. Greylings hail from the east coast of Joval from the reaches of Rhuun to the mountains of Aidan. Most Greylings hold no allegiance to either country, and instead prefer a wanderers life traveling with the fog. Many Greylings love to deceive and trick travelers who wander into the fog,  and for the most part it's just simple harmless pranks. Though evil aligned greylings often do far more from simply robbing travelers to sowing terror into their victims for hours before finally finishing them off.
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Greylings - Children of the Mist
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