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 Draas - Morphic Killers of Kythis

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Draas - Morphic Killers of Kythis Empty
PostSubject: Draas - Morphic Killers of Kythis   Draas - Morphic Killers of Kythis EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 7:52 pm

Draal: The Draal are a race of ooze-like aberrations created as assassins by the Scientists of the Cradle from human test subjects. While the war is over many of these creatures still roam Kythis trying to make a living and throw off the stigma as being solely weapons of war. Their sentience, free-will, and the fact they were once humans has helped throw down the shackles of ownership and turned the Draal into a free race of Kythis.

Aberration type.
+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha.
Base land speed 30ft.
Darkvision 60ft.
Morphic: A Draal's body is made of a rubbery protoplasmic
substance similar to oozes. Regardless of its shape, a Draal's
body cannot be thinner than 1 foot and cannot expand beyond a width of 5
feet. A Draal can "grow"
arms and legs to use for handling objects and walking, and it can
reabsorb limbs that are no longer needed. A Draal can grow a
number of limbs equal to 5 + its Dexterity modifier (maximum Cool. The Draal must decide whether a limb becomes a arm or a leg when it
is grown. Growing or absorbing a limb is a move action. A limb can be up
to 3 feet long and no less than 3 inches thick. " Fingers " for
handling items can be up to 3 inches long and no less than a 1/2 inch
thick. A Draal does not gain extra attacks for having extra
arms. However, it can use its extra arms to grasp items, including
weapons, which then don't need to be drawn or stowed. A Draal
with three or more free arms gains a +1 bonus on CMB for grapple checks for each extra arm above 2 (to a maximum of a +4 on grapple checks). Draal can also grow extra legs which in return makes them more stable. A draal with three or more legs gains a +1 bonus for each leg above 2 to CMD for the purposes of being bullrushed, and tripped (to a max of +4). Sadly a Draal's body can shape to fit into most armors and clothing, special armor must be made to allow a Draal to make full use of this ability. When wearing armor not designed for a Draal's physiology these bonuses are reduced to half rounded down.
Morphic Weapon: Draals are able to shape their limbs into deadly
claws, blades, whip-like tentacles, or other deadly implements. This is a
primary natural attack that deals 1d6 damage of one of the following
damage types: Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing. The Draal may
change the damage type between each attack as if he were drawing a new weapon, and must choose what type
they use before each attack.
Due to their strange physiology, Draal's gain a +2 racial
bonus to the effects of poison, diseases, and magical diseases.
+2 racial bonus to Escape Artist and Bluff.
Languages: Common.
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Draas - Morphic Killers of Kythis
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