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 My Idea For Elves

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PostSubject: My Idea For Elves   My Idea For Elves EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 4:13 pm

Well, we really don't have anything about Elves yet, so I figured I would take a crack at it and maybe get the ball rolling.

The creation concept is that the Eladrin were the proto-mortals, the first time the Primordials succeeded in creating true free will like their own. In attempting to improve on this, the Primordials abandoned the Green World, too consumed by emotion to foster the freedom of thought the Primordials wanted, and began creating the Material Plane, populating it with their proto-mortal creations. However, as the Primordials would build and destroy elements of the Material Plane, Spirits formed from the divine essence used in this creation would be formed, and then lose the concept they were bound to. Usually these Spirits would be destroyed, but these beings of free will created by the Primordials offered to allow those spirits to bind to them, effectively being attached to the memory of their previous concept.

To make that more clear, the Elves are the first mortals of Joval. They allowed themselves to be bound with spirits so those spirits would not be destroyed. Goblins hold that the Elves were just Goblins, but they changed when the spirits joined them. They're wrong and Chris is a big dumb if he suggests otherwise, but that's what the Goblins say.

So, ancient spirits from the world before the Fallen Gods remain on Joval unchanged by the Fallen Gods, and those spirits will remain in Joval as long as they are bound to a concept, and the Elves have bound them to the memory of their old concepts. As long as the the Elves remember them, they are still alive. The Elves also do this with their own souls, which persist in Joval as long as they are remembered.

This means that the Elven culture is largely tied around Memory, they remember the old spirits and the old Elves so that they will not fade from the world. In pursuit of this, the Elves are very comprehensive historians, they record every notable event they can in the world, and they are masters of Divination magic.

Elven magic is interesting, in that it is also firmly rooted in their obsession with memory and history. While their Wizards and Druids share most spells with the sames classes from other civilizations, they are notable in their ability to 'recreate' the past. When drawing on powerful or persistent memories (terrible battles, or a farmer planting the exact same crop every year) they effectively bring the memory to 'life', calling the echo of an event and then 'filling' it to produce a similar result. The results can range from the summoning of phantom armies to producing a better harvest.

The Elven society celebrates the present, and their people are encouraged to excel at whatever they seek to accomplish, but it is also mired in tradition. By doing something the same way it has been done for millenia, the Elven people can draw on a 'resonant essence' that gives inspiration or even magical influence. Elves are valued and remembered as individuals, but also expected to follow the ways of their people, as the more a style of bowmaking (as an example) is practiced the stronger its echo becomes and the easier other Elves can draw on that.

The Elven religion is focused around honoring their ancestors. When an Elf dies his soul does not follow other souls to their afterlife, it joins the realm of the Elven dead, a place within the Spirit Realm of the Material Plane where Elven souls rest. Through interacting with places where the memory of these dead is strong, or by using something very personal to a particular soul, the Elven priests can summon these souls for aid and counsel. Elven families each have their own tomb or mausoleum where their dead are honored and can be contacted by the priests, and Elven temples are known to have the masks of the strongest, wisest, and most knowledgeable Elves are kept. The original Spirits the Elves bound with a still remembered and sustained by the rituals of the Elven priesthood.

One of the most notable elements of the Elven culture is their masks. All Elves are expected to create a mask upon reaching adulthood, which they wear when creating the important memories of their life. A Warrior would wear his mask into battle, a smith would wear her mask when forging, a priest would wear his mask when communing with the spirits, and so forth. Doing this binds the memory of an Elf to their mask, and makes it much easier to call them from the Spirit Realm.

Other civilizations know the Elves mostly for their vast libraries, though those libraries can be substantially different from what most in Valeron or Kythis picture. Many who are looking for ancient or forgotten knowledge will seek out the Elves in search of it, and often the Elves are happy to share, as the more that are aware of something, the stronger the memory becomes.

In war, the Elves make up for their small population and armies with powerful Druidic magic and Divination. They rely on guerilla tactics and highly skilled individual warriors to harass and guide enemies to sites where the Elves can use their magic to summon powerful memories to defeat their opponents. However, while the Elven warriors are considered some of the greatest individual fighters in the world, the Elves as a whole pose little threat to the nations around them. Aside a general disinterest in warring with their neighbors, they do not have the numbers to march against other nations.

To borrow a phrase from Mass Effect: "The Asari Commandos are the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Thankfully, there aren't many of them.", which is essentially the case for the Elves. They use Druidic magic to make their environment work for them, their warriors practice their craft for centuries, and they can use their Divination magic to plan their battles perfectly, but they just can't go toe-to-toe with real armies outside their own territory.

Elven 'Nuclear Options' would likely be restricted to their homes as well. Essentially calling on the memories of past battles to summon entire armies out of thin air, or summoning their most powerful Spirit ancestors from the Spirit Realm. It should be noted that neither Rhuun nor Valeron, even at the height of its power, have ever annexed any of the Elven territory.

Got some pictures too. The four guys with the glowing stuff would be priests. I think the Elves divide the dead and the old Spirits into four categories: Fire: Associated with what is beneath the world such as precious metals and fertile soil; smiths, artisans, and warriors are honored by the priests of this order. Water: Associated with rivers, lakes, and the seas; healers, merchants, and sailors are honored by the priests of this order. Growth: Associated with what walks the world and rises from it; farmers, laborers, and travelers are honored by this order. Light: Associated with what is above and what is beyond; priests, scholars, and mages are honored by this order.

The odd man out is how I think the Elves summon the spirits of the dead to fight for them. They use the mask of a fallen warrior, and imbue it with enough magic to form a body that the spirit commands.
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My Idea For Elves
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