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 The Northern Reaches

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PostSubject: The Northern Reaches   The Northern Reaches EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 3:49 pm

Going to write me up some stuff about the Northen Reaches, the collection of Kingdoms, Clan-Holds, and Tribes that broke away from Valeron during the Kythian war. As always feel free to add what you want or discuss removing things.

First off, I just want to be clear about what I intend for this place. Political infighting is the name of the game here, borders are fluid and new kingdoms rise and fall overnight. There's a power vacuum here, and lots of different groups are trying to fill it. The overall situation is very unstable, and makes it much more like the city-state situation Robert was trying to push. Except that the wilderness isn't dangerous because the world is a collection of points of light, its because the people who have the force to stop the monsters attacking the roads, are instead waging war with their neighbors. With all the soldiers off to war somewhere, its open season on the villages and lesser cities.

In addition to the threat of random monster attacks though, is the greater threat of those monsters organizing themselves and trying to establish their own nations. Gnolls, Trolls, Giants, Hags, and so forth are taking advantage of the confusion to push their own agendas.

One key thing to remember is that before, Valeron protected this place. Their Knights held the northern barbarians at bay, their Inquisitors protected the people from Witches, Hags, and Sorcerers, and the threat of their intervention quelled rivalries among the nobility. But now Valeron refusing to aid the people of the North at all until they agree to join the Empire once again. So all the things they were holding back have much less to fear, and are taking what they believe is theirs. If the people can be united, they can drive these things back into the dark, but it should be up to the PCs to decide the fate of the factions here.

There were three powerful Kingdoms in the Northern Reaches before the chaos began: Aleir, Therine, and Kelrem. These three Kingdoms plotted against each other for influence over the many city-states of the region, looking to gather power for themselves and stop any other state from gaining sufficient power to challenge them. Since they declared their independence from Valeron, one has fallen completely, another had its ruling family killed, while the last has retained most of its power. Many new kingdoms are rising in the area though, and the fate of this land it far from decided.

A few of the current powers in the Northern Reaches are:

Aleir - When the Kingdoms of the North split away from Valeron, Aleir was considered the most powerful nation in the Reaches, and it was all but a certainty that they would be the force to unite the Reaches. Days before they were to meet with the other great families of the North, however, the entire Royal Family of Aleir was assassinated, throwing the nation into chaos. The nation would have been lost if not for the intervention of Valara Rileste, a Knight of Valeron who disobeyed the Empress, and gathered an army to protect the people of the north.

Valara has been named the new Queen of Aleir, and has lead a campaign to restore the nation. She has proven a very capable war leader, but is having trouble keeping her 'allies' in line and dealing with the political intricacies of the Reaches. She leads a strong nation, but has found no end of people eager to sabotage her efforts and take the ground out beneath her.

Kelrem - Kelrem is one of the three nations that predates the secession from Valeron, and has remained largely in-tact. The King of Kelrem has lead a very unpredictable campaign since the chaos began, allowing long-time allies to be overwhelmed and striking out to acquire land and cultivate alliances with seemingly no strategic benefit. However, through out it all Kelrem has remained a stable and prosperous nation, narrowly avoiding many disastrous events that have befallen others.

It is not known outside the court, but the King of Kelrem has been relying on a coven of Witches to guide his actions. He follows every word of their leader, a woman named Syl, and has benefited greatly. What he has given them in return is unknown.

Markos - When the armies of Valeron withdrew from the Reaches, a Torheim clan leader named Raighne saw his chance to lead his people to greatness, and lead an assault against the nation of Therine. He has toppled the old King, and renamed his new nation Markos. Raighne has sent a call out to all the clans of Torheim to join him in his campaign to conquer the Reaches and, eventually, to challenge the armies of Valeron.

Raighne has treated his conquered people well, offering them a place in his armies and allowing the noble families to continue their governance, provided they give loyalty and tribute to him. He seeks a true challenge in battle, and believes he will find it when he leads the people of the North in toppling the Dragon Blessed of Valeron.

Undaroth - The Grendlekin claim to be descended from the first King to unite the North, and a woman named Kalgha has united the Grendlekin tribes of the western mountains into a new nation she has called Undaroth. She believes that the blood the Grendlekin share has made it their destiny to rule all of Joval, and is intent to see this destiny fulfilled.

Daroves - The city of Daroves is ruled by the Saedrins, a very powerful noble family that controls much of the trade in the northern Sea of Mirrors. Though war has raged around them, the city has remained untouched, guarded by the 'Black Knights', a group of powerful warriors who have turned aside entire armies. No one but the Saedrins knows where these Knights came from, or why they are protecting the city.

So anyway, I was intentionally ambiguous about what land these nations occupy so that you guys can feel free to add stuff. General theme here is that its an ongoing war going on between several factions at a time. Alliances are important, so if you add anything it'd be good to decide who they're currently friendly with. These are the current 'Major Players', but its totally open to more if you think of anything.
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The Northern Reaches
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