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 Valeron and The Shimmering Plains

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Valeron and The Shimmering Plains Empty
PostSubject: Valeron and The Shimmering Plains   Valeron and The Shimmering Plains EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 12:11 am


  • Cathedral
  • Corleon
  • Darkholme - Located on the coast about a hundred miles east from the bridge to Cathedral the island village of Darkholme pays host to a unique phenomena that produces magic resistance in its native born inhabitants. It is unknown why this happens, but the effect seems to also dull the effects of magic in the area as well with some areas being stronger than others. Besides this the people of Darkholme live normal lives from simple farming to harvesting fish. Though on this island is a special academy where select individuals are taken and raised to hunt practitioners of magic. Whether they are priests of other faiths, or powerful arch mages. The town is guarded by powerful zones of anti-magic, high walls, and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Notable Aspects of Valeron
  • Shimmering Plains: Vast expanses of grassland dominate much of Valeron's untamed land, but a particular kind of flora called shimmer grass is very abundant. Shimmer grass is know for its metallic color and shine which is why the region is called the Shimmer Plains. It is sometimes called Angel Feather when it begins to seed and its chutes support long feathery seed pods that are often carried away on the wind. Shimmer grass is often harvested and used for wicker products giving it a color unique to Valeron.


  • Angel's Blood - a light blue crystal deposits of it can be found in various places along the coast of the Shimmering Plains, but the largest deposit of this unique crystal is on the island of Cathedral. Possessing a strong aura of abjuration magic members of the faith use this crystal to make jewelery, parts of armor, and even weapons to help ward off the effects of spells. It is because of this material that the city of Cathedral remains so untouched by the enemies of Cathedral.
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Valeron and The Shimmering Plains
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