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 Star Wars: There is no Light side.

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Star Wars: There is no Light side. Empty
PostSubject: Star Wars: There is no Light side.   Star Wars: There is no Light side. EmptyMon Feb 14, 2011 8:44 pm

"What Ben and Yoda had called the dark side wasn't actually dark; it had nothing at all do with the visual spectrum. The phrase dark side of the Force was just an expression. An evocative shorthand to express a broad range of negative characteristics.

A metaphor.

They could have called it the evil side, or the death-and-destruction side, or the enslaving-the-whole-galaxy side. But they didn't

They had called it the dark side. But they had never seen dark like this. Or had they?

Maybe they had been here, at the end of all things-or at least glimpsed it. Maybe they had seen the truth of the Dark. Maybe that's why they never talked about a "light side", Because there wasn't one. But, Luke thought, gazing upon the brilliant blaze that was sister, just because there's no "light side" doesn't mean there's no light.

He had thought he was bringing light with him into the darkness, by holding on to the Force. Now he saw that the Force's light didn't shine on him. It shone through him.

He was light in the darkness.

He saw it now, and it made sense to him at last. That same light shone through Leia, and as soon as he understood that, he began to sense other lights, pinprick stars far out in the dark. Some of them he recognized: Han, and Lando...Wedge and Tycho, Hobbie and Wes and the rest of the Rogues...Nick and Aeona Cantor, Lieutenant Tubrimi and Captain Tirossk and so many, many others sailors and marines, even the impossibly distant spray of vanishingly faint stars that must have been the stormtroopers, for even they were lights and the darkness. All of them were stars.

And every star, every life, was a thing of beauty."

There's only us.
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Star Wars: There is no Light side.
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